Jason Middlebrook: Naturology


Jason Middlebrook gathers his creative inspiration from both nature and technology, transferring their complex relationship into works of sculpture, installation, painting, and large-scale drawing. Despite these various mediums, Middlebrook’s work consistently references art-historical traditions, styles, and movements. For instance, his sculptures crafted from hardwood planks, which he began in 2008 after relocating from New York City to Hudson, New York, feature painted abstractions. They are

Faig Ahmed: Switching The Carpet


“Any action without a goal is art.”(Faig Ahmed). At first glance, you will assume that these rugs are photoshopped. But these astonishing handmade rugs are actually woven by the emerging artist, Faig Ahmed. In his creations, Faig explores composition of a traditional Azerbaijanian carpet by disjointing its structure and placing its canonic elements into open space. “Carpet is more a time structure than a graphical