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mind music

Music may help some people relax when they’re trying to concentrate. But it doesn’t help them remember what they’re focusing on, especially as they get older. That’s the finding in a new Georgia Institute of Technology study that challenged younger and older adults to listen to music while trying to remember names. College-aged participants had no problems — the music didn’t affect their performance. But

Zhanna Kadyrova: Invisible Forms


Zhanna Kadyrova started working as an artist at an early age, employing a wide range of media, with which she engages with the world and with history. Her practice has taken various forms, including video and performance, but it is her sculpture that brought her to the attention of critics and the viewing public. Regarded as a talent destined to establish herself on the international

Marco Paganini: Inside


Marco Paganini work appears like a box, a closed box. Each box has a different size, different measures, different structure, a different way to open up, a different arrangement in the space. Inside is the name of this work, because it is on the inside of these boxes that something happens. Is indeed “inside” of each box that a world exists, becomes possible and replicable.

Erwin Wurm: Seriously Humorous


“I am interested in the everyday life. All the materials that surrounded me could be useful, as well as the objects, topics involved in contemporary society. My work speaks about the whole entity of a human being: the physical, the spiritual, the psychological and the political.” Wurm is known for his humorous approach to formalism. About the use of humor in his work, Wurm says

Sabi Van Hemert: Leather Kids


Sabi Van Hemert, lives and works in Rotterdam. Hemert creates sculptures that are a fusion between child and animals. Her sculptures have a quality of alternately denying and confirming what you think you see in them and what feeling they give you. Because it is not immediately clear what you are seeing, the relation between viewer and sculpture is more complex. “I create images that

Liao Yibai: Real Fake Irony


Chinese artist Liao Yibai created so many commanding, stainless steel sculptures for his new series Real Fake, that two galleries had to join forces to exhibit the works. Yibai’s artworks are sleek and meticulously detailed sculptures that examine “China’s rags-to-riches story of material obsession” and “the concepts of ‘real’ and ‘fake’ through mash-ups of luxury labels, the appropriation of real fake brand names, and the

Michael Zelehoski: Trapped in a parody of a former perspective


My recent work involves the literal collapse of three-dimensional objects and structures into the picture plane. These found, utilitarian objects are deconstructed and cut into sometimes hundreds of abstract fragments before being reassembled two-dimensionally. The negative space is filled with carefully fitted pieces of painted wood, creating a solid plane in which the object is trapped in a parody of its former perspective. Through this

Franklin Evans: fourpaintingstwowallsiowatonewyork


Franklin Evans presents fourpaintingstwowallsiowatonewyork, literally four paintings on two walls replete with references to the past, including of his graduate school time in Iowa. The Volta walls mimetically reflect the studio walls on which the paintings were made, exposing the interior thought and memory driving Evans’ practice. Evans’ recent obsessive explorations of 1913 Armory and Matisse’s Blue Nude in that exhibition, Robert Irwin’s 1960’s