Noa Raviv: Hard Copy Fashion


Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has integrated 3D-printed elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings. Noa Raviv printed and stitched lines and grids onto fabrics to evoke images of corrupted 3D drawings made using computer modelling software. “While working on a 3D software I was fascinated by the grid shown on the 2D screen and by the way black repetitive lines defines

Jonathan Callan: Booking


A Conversation between Jonathan Callan and Ryan Gander.

JC’s Studio. 12-02-2008

Ryan Gander: When were you last in the studio before today?

Jonathan Callan: Yesterday. I have a routine which is fairly regular, I drop the kids off at school at 9.00 am, come here and work, if it’s my turn to pick them up then I work till 3-30

Iwajla Klinke: Impressions of an Elegant Serenity


“With a cast of colorful characters who would do justice to any repertory stage, Iwajla Klinke infuses portrait photography with the magic and elegance of its early years, when one of its primary goals was to document and celebrate ritual moments in an individual’s life. The snapshot aesthetic of the last century and the ubiquity of digital images today has diminished the ceremonial aspect of

Bea Szenfeld: Sad Girls Club


The Polar Music Prize 2010 is being awarded to Icelandic artist Björk. During the award ceremony the star wore a Bea Szenfeld garment. It´s a handmade piece from Szenfelds latest collection, “Sur la Plage”. The suit jacket is totally made out of three-dimensional paper sequins. This shimmering pinkmetallic garment is a part of a magnificent haute peppier collection. The inspiration for the “Sur la Plage”

Predrag Pajdic: The Pandorian


Predrag Pajdic (born 1965) is a London-based artist, art historian and curator. He is the founder and editor of the art photography blog “The Pandorian,” and his work has been shown internationally and at solo and group exhibitions worldwide. He also writes about and lectures on contemporary art, photography and fashion. After high school, he moved to London to study fashion design at Central St.

Maiko Takeda: Soft Quills


Maiko Takeda is a milliner and jewellery designer. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, she recently completed her MA in millinery at the Royal College of Art in London. With her expertise and prior knowledge of jewellery design gained from her BA Jewellery Design (Hons) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, her interest lies in creating ethereal adornments to the body. Environmental influences

Louise Richardson: Memory and Identity


Louise Richardson studied at the Norwich School of Art and Design where she obtained a Fine Art BA (painting) followed by a Fine Art MA (multi-disciplinary).

Storytelling and humanity form the basis of Louise Richardson’s work. Garments and sculptures made from a diverse selection of materials give a glimpse of untold tales. ‘Butterfly Dress’ is brimming with an intense sense of animation,

Into The Dark / November 21, 2014


Into the Dark indaga su quel salto nel buio così misterioso ed ineluttabile che inaspettatamente porta ad un percorso di luce, le opere poste al centro della sala buia. A loro volta le opere dialogano con i due estremi “sonori” della sala tra il sound designer e i gong orientali che opportunamente usati dal terapeuta del suono stimolano con le loro frequenze la creatività dei

Motoi Yamamoto: Return to the Sea


A pioneering contemporary artist, Tokyo-born Motoi Yamamoto carves monumental two dimensional sculptures of entire oceans, shattered planets, typhoons, mountain ranges, fractured staircases and vast plains of brain-like coils using just the one medium: SALT. Although striking, his works are far from being merely aesthetic. Every one of the artist’s saltscapes is an experience in its own right, and one of a highly metaphysical nature

Matija Čop: Object 12-1


Working on the cutting edge of contemporary fashion, not to mention unafraid of dealing with some difficult questions that sit at the very heart of his practice (fashion is, after all not just about the clothes), young fashion designer Matija Čop is definitely going to prove to be a name to remember in the coming years. Born and raised in Croatia, before turning to